Bonded bunnies (Hixson)

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Anyone looking to adopt 2 bunnies? Must stay together, they are bonded. Looking for someone who has experience in bunnies.

The white & black one is a female, Netherland Dwarf/ Holland lop mix. Not spayed but has never shown signs of being in heat. Is an adult but I don't know her age. Very friendly and loves to be cuddled and loved on.

The white & gray one is a neutered male (I have the paperwork from his neuter). He's a Holland lop. Born on 5/11/2023. He is skittish, doesn't like to be held or anything.

They will come with everything in the photos plus half a tub of hay, some treats, and some food pellets. Their pen is 8' x 5', individual pieces so you can change the pen size. They're used to free roaming the bottom level of my house 24/7 but their pen is their "home base".

They're used to being around my cats all the time so they're not scared of them. The girl bunny came from a house with dogs so she's okay with dogs too. The boy has never been around dogs. Unsure about the girl but the boy has never been around children.

Full transparency is that they will not litter train. I don't know why they won't use it all the time but they just won't. I'm having medical problems that prohibits me from cleaning their pen everyday like I'm supposed to. I'd like to give them to someone who can provide that for them.

I'm looking for $100 rehoming fee for them plus everything else.

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