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Located in Soddy-Daisy TN!

I just had a baby so I don't have any chicks available right now, but if you're interested in any chicks I sell I hatch small amounts of chicks and I can put you on my waiting list. I will definitely have some polish hatching the 20th.

No adults for sale. Pictures of adults are my breeders.

Listed price is for 1-7 day old poultry and 8-10 week old weaned bunnies. Price increases with age.


1. Silkies, frizzled Silkies, sizzled Silkies, smooth Silkies, Showgirls(naked neck Silkies), frizzled Showgirls, sizzled Showgirls, smooth Showgirls.-$10 each
Our silkies are both beautiful and better at foraging than the average Silkie, we also only breed Silkies that will go up to roost and do not sleep on the ground like some Silkies do, Silkies sleeping on the ground is a sign of weak muscles usually caused by genetic defects, it can happen in any breed but is very common in Silkies. Silkies that sleep on the ground will also have droopy wings and it is linked to having a weaker immune system and shorter lifespan. Our Silkies are particularly good layers as far as Silkies go, our best layers have always been our Partridge and Recessive White Silkies. -$10
Silkie/Showgirl Colors:
• Recessive white
• Paint,(single dose of dominant white on black)
• Dominant white
•Blue, gold, red, silver, and buff partridge, and most of my partridge Silkies will have autosomal barring!
•Birchen(they look black as chicks)
• Chocolate females-$15

2. CASHH eggers(Crele auto sexing heritage hybrid) you can buy females only as the are auto sexing, also although a hybrid they breed true, they are superior egg layers, and they can lay any color of egg; multiple shades of blue, green, brown, white and freckled. They are a heritage hybrid, the heritage breeds used to create the CASHH egger are: Cream Legbars, 55 Flowery Hen, Welsummer, Bielefelder, Welbars and Crele Penedesenca. This is the chicken to get if you want eggs and sustainability. I hope to offer them in naked neck too, but that might take another year or two of breeding. CASHH eggers will lay 250-300+ eggs in a year on average. They are a full sized breed with excellent feed to egg ratio! Roosters are very unlikely to be aggressive and hens are calm and friendly, they are extremely sturdy and fantastic foragers. Females will always be a beautiful crele color while roosters can be crele or almost solid white like the 55 Flowery Hen.
Females $5 each males are free.

3. Polish and Polgirls(naked neck polish)-$10 each
Our Polish and Polgirls are more friendly/calmer than the average Polish, and the Polgirls will occasionally go broody(hatch off chicks), and they make excellent mothers. Polish lay around 200 eggs in a year and Polgirls lay around 250 eggs a year. Polish lay pointy white eggs and Polgirls lay white-cream eggs. Polgirls are a little bit friendlier than our full Polish on average, and they are a little better at foraging. Our Polish and Polgirls are on the smaller side, with roosters usually weighing less 5lbs and hens usually weighing less than 4lbs. They are low maintenance, and we are currently breeding out vaulted skulls in our flock, and have made great progress! Polish chicks are pretty delicate compared to say a Black Sexlink, so I prefer to keep them a few days before selling as Polish chicks get chilled very easily, Polgirl chicks tend to be a bit sturdier than a full Polish chicks. My Polish roosters are very unlikely to be aggressive and I've never had any Polgirl roosters be aggressive. My Polish and Polgirls do fine living alongside Silkies and other smaller breed chickens. -$10 each
Polish and Polgirl Colors:
•White crested blue
•White crested black
•White crested blue/black cuckoo


1. Muscovy, very good mothers, and great for meat, their breast meat tastes like a beef steak, we really enjoyed having Muscovy. Our misquote population has been more than cut in half since having Muscovy ducks, we also saw a dramatic decrease in flys. Ducklings will be $5 each (when available)


New Zealand/Rex mix bunnies $25 each(4 available)

New Zealand/Rex x Silver Fox bunnies-$25 each(when available)

Pet Lop bunnies-$45 each(when available)

I always meet people at the good old day museum, 11298 Wall St, Soddy-Daisy, TN 37379

And coming soon! Chicken breeds I will have by next year.

French Black Copper Marans-$9(very dark egg laying line)
Mottled Houdans-$10
Chocolate Sexlink Silkie Females-$15
Black Sexlinks Females-$4
Black Sexlink Males are free(okay as a meat bird)
Naked Neck Black Sexlinks Females-$4(very good egg layers)
Naked Neck Black Sexlink Males-$1(good as a meat bird)
White Naked Necks-$3(good for eggs and meat)
Red Naked Necks-$3(good for eggs and meat)
Other colors of Naked Necks-$3(good for eggs and meat)

As always thank you for reading!

I prefer texts, you can call after 10am and before 7pm, if I can't answer your call please leave me a voicemail.
4two3-774-773six (some numbers are spelled out to avoid robots calling me)
You can also email me or contact me on my farm facebook page. But please just contact with one method of contact and not everywhere as it will confuse me, and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Thank you!

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