ALL RABBITS - $15 (Signal Mountain)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Rabbits
model name / number: New Zealand Red
size / dimensions: Kits 6w-6m full grown
Ok here is the deal everyone. We have been breading meat rabbits and there are a lot of adorable kits/babys we need to sale. I have pics and can guarantee they will be easy to handle. I spend time with them everyday and they are just a joy some times. We built rabbit tractors and have several in the yard that we moved every day they love to eat grass and they like haven other rabbits to keep company. Rabbits are social animals but don't like being picked up very much once they are about 3- 4 months. I've noticed that the breading moms we have love to be pet on the head but the little ones get more attention from the day they are born I handle them so once adopted out they will be better to handle....I'll be posting pics of the rabbits that are available and if anyone wants one I got you. Now I have to make sure to say one thing that we have had some issues with in the past and that's weaning the kits from mom. Due to digestive system in rabbits one must use caution during this weaning process because the things they eat can cause bloating and diarrhea. So that being said if u want one that's not weaned yet you have to get information on how to handle that process or there is a chance ur kit can get sick...word round town ppl use Pepto but I've not tried it yet. They eat alfalfa hay orchard hay and oat they eat pelts you get from a co-op and then of course grass but please make sure u get a little studied up on how to raise a rabbit it's alot more then I ever thought at first and there diet is crucial. Ok well that's all I have for now please feel free to send an email or if anyone has any info on how "tos" with rabbits I love to hear your experience and helpful tips I can use to make the process more smooth. Have a blessed day yall

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