Ball Python Pet Needs New Home (Cleveland)

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I have TWO 5-year-old pet ball pythons that are as calm and docile as any pythons that you could ever have.

One is a male Fire, Orange Dream. Yellowbelly Ball Python

The other is a female Enchi, Fire, Pastel (Firefly) Ball Python that is just as great and equally as beautiful.

The pair have "locked on" or mated several times during the week of May 13th. The female should be laying eggs in less than 50 days. The eggs should then hatch after 60 days.

We want any potential buyer to be aware of this, so they know what they are getting. The good news is, this is an incredible opportunity if someone would like to breed them. The value of the clutch (ball pythons offspring) should be approximately 3k. This female has had 8 eggs in the past. With the genetics of her and the male, each snake should bring $300 - $700. Of course, you never know exactly what you get, but you can use the genetic calculator on Morph Market to see exactly what the odds are for each potential hatchling.

I honestly would much rather keep this pair until all of the offspring have found new homes. However, I desperately need the room for other adults that we are breeding. We recently got into breeding ball pythons and have 23 on hand with more coming in a couple weeks. Unfortunately I have to let these adults go in order to get room for my new purchases.

With all of this in mind we are willing to let this pair of adults go together for a rehoming fee of 2k. We feel that that is a fair price. Both adults are worth a combined 1k with the coming clutch at 3k for a total of 4k. We believe rehoming them for 50% of their value in 3 months is fair for everyone.

Of course, some potential buyers may not be interested in hatching out 8 new ball pythons. Some people absolutely love it, but it's not for everyone.

We would be happy to talk with you and answer any potential questions that you may have, so that you feel comfortable with the potential purchase.

Please let us know if we can help you with any further info.

There are no enclosures or supplies included. We desperately want these animals to find the right home.

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